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Converted an unamed beater van from Max Payne 3, named and "badged" it. The result came up as this one, a simple old utility van. Idk, i'm pretty sure someone should get use of this thing.

Just install it as you would do by installing every other Add-On.

--WildBrick142 for the Utility variant of Declase Moonbeam (btw took some stuff from it, since it was unlocked)
--Boywond for the vehicle's badges
--Electricgamers for the Original® Name (Chisana)

KNOWN BUGS (1.0 Only):
--White mirror
--Collision is a bit off + unbrekable glasses
--Disgusting interior (a black/white recolor of original MP3 variant)
--Steering wheel non-rotary and hands off the same (i kinda kept the original interior so...)
--No LODs (it takes a lot of my time)
--No UV (same reason as above, too time-consuming, and time is a thing i'm lacking recently)
--Doors behave weirdly (fixed it on 1.2, but it never got released 'til now)

V2.0 Changelog (Dani02):
-- high quality interior (dashboard, seats, all interior carpet, seatbelts, handhold, dials, steeringwheel, dashglow, interiorlight)
-- high quality door panels
-- high quality wipers (front and rear)
-- breakable glass
-- glass shards
-- fixed collison (added windows and bumper collison, fixed chassis, doors, boot collision)
-- fixed textures (now 100% GTA V textures) (added doorshut textures, fixed windows textures, added original chrome textures to the bumpers and details)
-- full dirt map
-- burn area
-- fixed rear lights
-- good mirror reflections
-- fixed model bugs
-- added transmissions
-- added neon positions
-- added platelight
-- fixed extra 1 and extra 2
-- added high quality LODs (maybe later he'll make proper LODs)

Plus, he did some tweaks to the dlc.rpf, fixing some stuff and adding others.

V2.2 Changelog :
-- Renamed the vehicle to Karin Chisana

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