Review Mammoth Devastator – Gta On

Mammoth Devastator - Gta On

One of the only things the brazilians did right, the Devastator is the one behemoth that LSPD would sell their guts out for. With its high-caliber turret, armor thicker than your run-of-the-mill LCPD grunt and the power to bust through all the bandidos you can find, you can see why. We trust you€™ll use this deadly arsenal better than its last owners promptly slaughtered by an unknown scruffy assailant. Just ignore the blood residue inside, will you?

ۥWarstock Cache & Carry description.

Converted from MP3 (cavierao.wft) and heavily edited to fit GTA V‘s standards. Devastator has all the game’s basic features: Rotating doors, working turret, lights… with the exception of the known bugs pointed out below.

Just install it as you would do by installing every other Add-On.

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@ BDuck (AKA myself) : Anything Else

-Black mirrors
-Fugly interior

Spawn Name: devast

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Mammoth Devastator - Gta On 1 Mammoth Devastator - Gta On 2 Mammoth Devastator - Gta On 3 Mammoth Devastator - Gta On 4 Mammoth Devastator - Gta On 5

Picture : Mammoth Devastator – Gta On



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