Review Project: Wipers for Original Vehicles – Gta 5 Gta V

Project Wipers for Original Vehicles - Gta 5 Gta V

—-How to install—–
We recommend people to install add-on version. The new original cars in our dlc package will automatically replace the old one from game. Means, the game will load our new original car first after you installed our add-on version. It is very similar as Patchday1ng, patchday2ng, etc. thanks MentaL, he developed this feature. So you don’t need replace old original cars one by one.
You can find the installation in the readme file.—-Note—-
For the addon version, you may has a limit issue when you install too many cars. So, we prepare a gameconfig.xml for you, which can remove the limit of game. You can put it into this path: update/update.rpf/common/data/gameconfig.xml.
remember to backup the original one first.

So simple, isn’t it? 🙂

—-List of original vehicle support wipers—-
Due to the number of vehicle is too many, so here I will not write list anymoe, you can find the vehilce list in the images I update.

(1) I’m Not MentaL — windscreen wipers
and thanks team of script hook v and script hook v .net.

(1) Yoha
(2) I’m Not MentaL

—-Change log—-
Current: 100%+++++

[17.7.3 update]
(1) Add 5 vehicles from new dlc (there are 2 new vehicles can not been import into ZM3, I will update them in future.
(2) Fixed 1 vehicle in Patchday15ng.
(3) Fixed all boat which has wipers, and already include them in package, total number is 11 (include 1 dump).
(4) Add 12 Convertible vehicles (After almost 1 year, they are finally can been add wipers).
(5) Add 3 vehicles which have wiper components, one is nightshark from new dlc, another 2 are Primo2 and Virgo2 from lowrider(same, after 1 year waiting).

(6) ˜…Attention please˜…: If your game crash when you are in airport and with wanted levels, try to remove Police3.yft and Police3_hi.yft, then it should be ok.

There are 347 original vehicles support wipers total, now.

[17.4.4 update]
(1) Add 3 vehicles, they are from new DLC.
(2) Fixed 7 vhicles, they are from new patchday.

[17.1.4 update]
(1) Add 2 vehicles, they are 2 towtrucks.
[17.1.3 update]
(1) Add 4 vehicles from new dlc
[16.12.20 update]
(1) Add 11 vehicles from new dlc
(2) fixed 31 vehicles
(3) Add extra 11 vehicles for optional, they are 1 dump, and 10 boats. you can find them in “for high pc config player, 高配置玩家可选装” folder.
Note, these extra 11 vechiles request high pc equipment config, if you have only 4GB memory and 1GB gpu memory, I suggest you don’t install them.
To install these 11 vehicles, just drag them into vehicles.rpf under projectwipers.
[16.9.19 update]
(1) Update 30 vehicles.
[16.9.8 update]
(1) Update 79 vehicles.
[16.8.21 update]
(1) Update 90 vehicles.
[16.8.14 update]
(1) Update 24 vehicles, include some boats, like police boat.
(2) I also fixed the lights on the roof of hammer, you will see it when you spawn and customer the lights. This is only one car I fixed the lights, just an experiment.
(3) As the size of this project’s file get bigger and bigger, it takes too much time for me to upload. So I decide to change the update cycle from 1 day to 1 week. Every weekend I will update this project.
[16.8.9 update]
(1) Update 6 vehicles.
(2) Strong recommend you to upgrade the windscreen wipers script to 1.5, it fix a bug on NPC cars.
[16.8.8 update]
(1) Update 6 vehicles.
[16.8.7 update]
(1) Update 6 vehicles.
[16.8.6 update]
(1) Removed Cogcabrio and Carbonizzare for now, there’s a bug of these 2 cars.
(2) Update 6 vehicles.
[16.8.5 update]
(1) updated another 6 original vehicles.
[16.8.4 update]
(1) Removed Sentinel2 for now, there’s a bug of this car.
(2) Update 6 vehicles, include FIB vehicle.
[16.8.3 update]
(1) updated another 9 original vehicles, all of them are police vehicle.
[16.8.2 update]
(1) updated another 7 original vehicles.
[16.8.1 update]
(1) updated another 8 original vehicles.
[16.7.31 update]
(1) updated wipers for another 6 original vehicles, include F’s, M’s and T’s.
(2) Developed Addon version, make installation more simple.
[16.7.30 update]
(1) updated another 4 original vehicles.
(2) wipers now support boat! (Need windscreen wipers 1.4A, if your’s is not this version, please update)

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