Review Shitzu Shiba – GTA 5 Online

Shitzu Shiba - GTA 5 Online

In the land where even the ultracompacts give off that unparalleled sense of sophistication and chic, driving a barebones delivery truck with a layout not even a mother could love seems like the last choice that would spring to your mind. Make no mistake, though – the Shiba trades off you looking like a wacko for simple driving enjoyment akin only to driving a bicycle or trying out crystal meth for the first time. Just don’t stick around the big rigs too much – they’re a sure bringer of death for this little guy.

NOTE: This vehicle was never sold outside Japan or Middle East. Thus, a import fee of $6500 is charged together with the vehicle’s price in USD.

ۥSouthern SA Super Autos description. (Americas only)

Having BeamNG’s Ibishu Pigeon as a base model, here you are: a lore-friendly 3-wheeler based on Daihatsu Midget MK1. (Also the first lore-friendly GTAV keitruck in the world HOORAY!)

There’s nothing much to say about this little boy, except it’s very unstable (just like the real counterpart lol)

Check the good old Readme for more details.

-1.0: Initial Release

-1.1: Minor improvements:

*Textured paintable underside, now it’s waaay more lore-friendly
*Added missing parts near the vehicle engine (battery etc)
*Added proper doorshuts
*New interior with parts taken from original BeamNG Pigeon, now more similar to irl Midget
*Changed rear wheels
*Changed exhaust, the original one looked disgusting
*Updated carvariations.meta with the one made by @gunziness (thank you so much).
*Updated handling.meta so tripping it is YET MORE easier than before (like and actual 3-wheeler)
*Added proper dirt/burnmap


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