ReviewMod car for GTA 5 Bmw X5M 2018 – GTA V


This is the x5m 2017!
I hope you like it!

Version 1.1
Gta5 plates And Addon Version ,Wheels fixed!

Author : VinceToretto
Textures : Vincetoretto/Sanandreas
Plates : RockstarGames/Gtav
Converted from sa to gtav : enoklaassen/Vincetoretto
Addon version : Christian6984/enoklaassen
Fixed Version 1.1 : enoklaassen
Screens : MrOxPlay
Discord :

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Link DownloadMod car for GTA 5 Bmw X5M 2018GTA V


Picture :Mod car for GTA 5 Bmw X5M 2018 – GTA V

Video review :