Review Brute Roadkiller - Dowload Gta 5

Most of them are rotting away in a ditch on Route 1, but the legend say that a lonely Brute Roadkiller is still roaming around the state of San Andreas, driven by an oldtimer shouting old racist slur on his ham-radio at midnight.

The Brute Tipper has been modified to become a semi truck like it's original counterpart; Mack R Series, this truck now is the smallest of the semi trucks in the game.

- Full LODs and collisions
- Breakable glass
- Non rusted body
- Usable trailer hitch

- roadkiller

Rockstar Games - Vehicle models
TheF3nt0n - Model editing
_CP_ - MTL Packer, converted from IV
RafaelSousaSam - Screenshots

1.0 - Initial release
2.0 - Fixed bugs, raised the hitch, added a Brute badge on the grille and a bullbar as an extra and changed the handling
2.1 - Fixed the hood clipping through the bullbar extra
3.0 - Changed the exhaust, now it comes with dual exhausts, and of course, they have proper collision
3.1 - Added glass shards

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Picture :Brute Roadkiller - Dowload Gta 5