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Since 1969, Bobcat Security is happy to serve the citizen of San Andreas security need. From protecting your house of aliens to transporting your collection of anime figurine in security. We use the state of the art technology to make sure that our service are reliable as possible.

This mod adds a new; non-snow Brute Stockade with Bobcat Security livery into the game. I remapped some parts of the default Stockade to make this Stockade, I have also changed the wheels to make it slightly different from the default Stockade. I know there is some inconsistency between the old one and this one, at least pretend as this is the new livery for every Bobcat Security vehicles.

- stockade2

Rockstar Games - Vehicle models
TheF3nt0n - Model editing
_CP_ - Converted Enforcer
AlexVonShep - textures.
RafaelSousaSam - Screenshots

1.0 - Initial release.
1.5 - The vehicle is entirely add-on, no more replacing models.
2.0 - Bobcat Security Stockade's livery has been changed to make it look more accurate to it's original snowed version, if you still prefer the version before the change, you can select between the old and new version of Stockades inside the file.
3.0 - The skin has been redone again, fixed some texture glitches on the side of truck and removed the all-yellow version, it is now obsolete
3.1 - Remapped the truck, added a pushbar as an extra, changed the wheels, they are now paintable and removed the old blue and yellow livery
3.2 - Improved the vehicles.meta, fixed the pushbar and glass shards added

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