Review Dodge Challenger [HQ | Super Tuning | Hellcat | NFS2015 | Animated Engine] 1.0 - Best car in gta 5

Picture: Dodge Challenger, Best car in gta 5

Features Dodge Challenger :
-HQ Car bodyshell
-Correctly textured
-HQ Interior with ilumination
-FULL GTA 5 Materials
-Muscle Car Working Dials
-Hands on the Steering Wheel
-Can install audio systems
-Can install Hydraulic pumps
-Interior changing[Leather Luxury Interior/ Circuit Performance interior]
-Race Equipment for interior[For Both interiors versions]
-Can install bubbleheads [They bounce!]
-Can install Steering Wheels
-Engine is animated
-Tintable windows with no reflection
-Clean lights without tint
-8 LIVERIES PURCHASABLE by Benny's Garage Menu Ingame + Ability to paint the car
-Custom grills[not using GTA Models]
-Custom spoilers[not using GTA Models]
-Can install custom bodywork details
-Custom engine blocks
-Custom air filters
-Custom Hoods
-Custom Exhausts
-Neon working for underbody and interior
-Correct Wheel scale [When using LSC wheels]
-Breakable Crystals
-Crystals shatter before breaking
-Can use new type of paint "PEARL"


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