ReviewMod car for GTA 5 Dodge Mega Ram 3500 HD - GTA 5 GTA V


Farming Simulator 15 mod by: ATF Modding
Edit & Convert by: DeezNutties123
Edits and Modifications by : Bagged

# Adjusted the size of the tires slightly to fill out the fenders a little better per request.
# Added better LED bar to the top rack per request.
# Added LED bar to front bumper
# Added Offroad style bumpers with LEDs front and rear.
# Added Headache rack to rear cab.

Issues - reverse LEDs will not work ATM. Working to resolve that issue.

# Added monster lift kid and suspension
# Added Towing mirrors
# Added Fuel wheels and BFG Tires
# Added Camper Shell as extra
# Added tool box as extra
# Added Roof Rack and LED lights as extra
# Added Add-on Support as well as combined all of my mods into one set of config files, so if you add my additional models into this mods vehicles folder you will be able to launch all of my mods at the same time.

Minor edits to close in some of the texture gaps, this will continue until the model is 100% tight. Also working on hi res interior textures.

Make sure you read the included "readme" file in each folder that best suits your install method.

When you spawn the truck guys make sure you have the spawn fully customized cars turned off, some of the stock mods will cause flickering issues. If you notice any crazy bug let me know please! Remember if you like the truck please like and follow for more updates.

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