Download and install gta mod car Ferrari 458 Italia AUTOVISTA 2018

Picture: Ferrari 458 Italia AUTOVISTA

Features  Ferrari 458 Italia AUTOVISTA

-Ultra HQ interior
-Ultra HQ motor
-HQ textures (little from Forza, all other adapt by me)
-Tuning parts
-Working dials
-HQ mirror reflexion
-HQ glass texture an reflect
-Lot of details
-Custom handling
-All lights works
-All parts of the car, nothing edit from the original model

-1 front bumper
-1 rear bumper
-1 side skirts
-1 spoiler

-Rework ALL material on interior, engine, trunk (texture, bumpmap, specmap)
-Engine swap to improve game performance (before: engine was 150K polygons, now engine from FH3 is 25K polygons)
-Change wheel texture to better one
-Add an underbody
-Some other improvements
-Add tuning parts (add-on only)
-Fix sliding problem when stop
-Add template for custom skin
-Dirt and burn map
-Fix chrome of wheel (less bright now, more realistic)
-Fix front wheels position
-Change spawn color (add-on only)
-New grilles
-Small other fix
-Rework handling
-Release piston on boot and bonnet when open
-New better dials (indicator, lights...)
-Fix steering wheel texture bug
-Change paint aspect (silver specmap)
-Fix lights tint problem
-Change spawn color by default
-Reduce addon version from 83MB to 50MB

Original model from Forza Autovista (
Convert to GTA V: SCRAT

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Clip Download and install gta mod car Ferrari 458 Italia AUTOVISTA