Download Mod Car for Gta 5GrandPro Racer (Add-on Carpack / Tuning) – GTA 5

Hi all

this time i will share my Project DLC that is GrandPro Racer. Every car has a tune part, although most of the vanilla car stock and not so good but I hope you guys like it.


Before install this mod please enable mods folder and try disabling other mod first also use gameconfig which support many add-on

-Menyoo PC from @MAFINS
– Gameconfig by @SCRAT

– copy the “gpracer” folder into /mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/ here
– open OpenIV then drag the file “dlclist.xml” from “update.rpf” to the desktop
– add “dlcpacks: gpracer Item>” before/above ” Path>”
in dlclist.xml and save it
– drag the file “dlclist.xml” into “update.rpf”
– play and enjoy

– first release
– Here are some lists of cars in the add-on
– Blista GT (spawn = blista1)
– Sentinel XR (spawn = sentixr)
– Comet R1S (spawn = comet0)
– Coquette L10M (spawn = coquette1)

if there is something about my mod like criticism or suggestion, please let me know in comment field …: D

you can also refer to the article about OpenIV Tool for GTA5

Link Download GrandPro Racer (Add-on Carpack / Tuning)GTA 5



Picture : GrandPro Racer (Add-on Carpack / Tuning) – GTA 5