Review Updated Vapid Contender - All Grand Theft Auto

Picture : Updated Vapid Contender - All Grand Theft Auto

Updated version of the Vapid Contender, based on a Toyota Tundra. Turns the 4x4 Contender into stock model Contender.

- Instructions included for lowering suspension
- Front bumper with fog lights (From Dani02s Brute Yosmite)
- Chrome/black grille with badge
- New wheels
- Repositioned badges
- Black mirrors and trim between side windows
- Black trunk bed
- Tweaked rear lights (now with rear turn signals)
- Divider added to trunk bed extra windows
- Roof rack removed from trunk bed extra
- Roof lights removed
- Front bumper extra lights removed
- Rivets along wheel arches removed
- Rear cab window divider
- Chrome/black trim rear bumper
- LODs and glass shards
- Instructions for lowered suspension
- Instructions for more spawn colors (based on Tundra colors)
- Instructions for dark smoke window

- Front bumper doesn't 100% fit, wasn't designed for this model so have reshaped it best I can to fit
- Headlight has two coronas (looking for a fix, otherwise will remove fog lights)
- Middle brakelight always on (fixed in next update)
- Trunk box doesn't cover middle brakelight (fixed in next update)
- Front doors slightly different paint shade

Please report any other glitches/problems in the comments and I'll try to fix them

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Link Download Updated Vapid Contender - All Grand Theft Auto