Review Maibatsu Mule Recovery – Game Gta

The infamous star of many grade-B repo shows and a personal favorite of many local swindling car dealers, this workhorse hasn’t lost its charm at all even after many years of active service. Easy to drive, built to last and hard to perform a P.I.T maneuver on, the Mule Recovery is one of the most sensible investments an aspiring blue-collar crook can make.
Maibatsu Corporation
This is a Mule with modified headlights, a lightbar and a flatbed platform. The truck has correct collisions, that means you can stand on the platfrom freely without suddenly falling from the truck. It also has two modified headlights, they were taken from the Biff to make the truck slightly different from other Mules.

– Breakable glass + shards
– Correct collisions
– Amber lightbar
– Square headlights
– Template

– mule5

– Rockstar Games – Models
– TheF3nt0n – Model editing
– MGGames100 – Square headlights
– 11john11 – Amber lightbar
– JoonasPRKL – Previous screenshots
– Bondergomme – Previous in-universe description
– MyCrystals! – In-universe description
– AlexanderLB and ReNNie – Liveries

– 1.0 – Initial release
– 1.1 – Moved the lightbar to the flatbed platform and the truck is now mapped with 9 different liveries, a template is also included
– 1.2 – Fixed the lightbar size (Thanks to 11john11)

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Picture : Maibatsu Mule Recovery – Game Gta