Download and install gta mod carMaibatsu Revolution SG-RX - GTA V GTA 5

"Back in 2005, your choices on a daily rally car had you 3 options. The Karin Sultan RS, Pleiades Impressive RXC PTT and this. This is the unsung Japanese Rally hero among the three. Originally made to compete directly against the Impressive RXC PTT, the car did quite well, as of conservative technological advancements due to Maibatsu's financial crisis rather than Pleiades' money blowing policy."
- Southern San Andreas Superautos description.

Original Model by : GTAWiseGuy
Converted by : K E N O B I

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Link Download Maibatsu Revolution SG-RX - GTA V GTA 5


Picture : Maibatsu Revolution SG-RX - GTA V GTA 5