Review : Mazda Rx7 Custom – GTA V

——————————–Mazda Rx7 Custom—————————————-

Source:- Asseto corsa,FM4,FM7,me
conversion by:- me
Screens by:- Abhi,me
Addon:- Abhi
=============Mod Features==================
1.Mod fit perfectly in atmosphere

2.Working basic functions(lights,dials,brakeble glass)

3.Dirt mapping

4.Window tint
1.LQ interior

2.Engine took from fc savanna

3.No burn area I guess

4.Player hands are not on steer

=============Thanks to=====================
Tone bee (great teacher)

Abhi (SS,testing)

Evomods (Brakable glass)

Ajay (Support)

xX_Racer_Xx (Support)

Riko OverFender (Support)

GTA 5 modding community

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Link Download Mazda Rx7 CustomGTA V



Picture : Mazda Rx7 Custom – GTA V

Video review :