Download and install gta mod car MTL Fire Truck - Mapped - Gta V Online Play

Picture: MTL Fire Truck - Mapped
I'm back with another mapped vehicle, this time is the default Fire truck. The liveries are converted from the RDE Fire truck which is very buggy and the template is almost the same as the older one from LCPDFR.
- Los Santos City Fire Department
- Los Santos County Fire Department
- LSIA Fire Department
- Blaine County Fire Department
- United States Air ForceCREDITS
Rockstar Games - Original model
TheF3nt0n - Mapped Fire truck
Yard1 - Original liveries
AlexanderLB - Livery fixes
11john11 - ScreenshotsDISCLAIMER
Do not upload this mod to another site without permission from me.

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Picture : MTL Fire Truck - Mapped - Gta V Online Play