Download and install gta mod carOracle V12 lowrider - Game Gta

2nd Mod Ever from TeamYdrop
main work by player 2
some tuning part by player 1
add on by player 2
instal in the read me (english/français)

-lot of new tuning parts
-Engine & Sound swap
-low rider suspention (drive carefully, lowrider + v12)
-Lods (probably missing on somes tuning part)

Beta mod, report any bug to help improve it
- need work on 3 last rear bumpers
- windows wont break (but light break)

Any resemblance with real vehicles isn't accidental :p

you can also refer to the article about Community Script Hook V .NET for GTA5

enjoy, and remember to drive safe 😉

Link Download Oracle V12 lowrider - Game Gta


Picture : Oracle V12 lowrider - Game Gta