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This mod will help you guys own the Pegassi Vacca car, the car which is used by Italian police. Especially, this mod is fully supported, with a total of 11 colors for every car. The unique function of this mod is the second colors in addition to the skins (roof, engine cover, rearview mirror, and brake grip). In addition, with other kinds of lights such as front warning lights, reversing lights, 3rd brake lights. The rim of the wheel also has a Pegassi logo with a wide rear wheel in the back. The V-10 engine, comes with a very powerful sound, Pagassi’s car stamp uses Lamborghini’s font, the Vacca letter is affixed to the body of the car and its doors, and black Pegasi’s logo is on the headrest. Especially in these mods, you can use all 3 versions of the car.

After following these steps, enter GTA V and press “F8” to open Menyoo trainer and follow the step below to spawn the car

Choose Vehicle Options

Pagassi Vacca GTA5 Mods 01

Choose Vehicle Spawner

Pagassi Vacca GTA5 Mods 02

Choose Input Model

Pagassi Vacca GTA5 Mods 03

When the Input Model Board shows up, enter the code “vacca2”, “polvacca2” or “poliziavacc” to spawn the 3 different types of car.

Pagassi Vacca GTA5 Mods 04

Pagassi Vacca GTA5 Mods 05

Pagassi Vacca GTA5 Mods 06

Pagassi Vacca GTA5 Mods 07

Pagassi Vacca GTA5 Mods 08

Pagassi Vacca GTA5 Mods 09

Pagassi Vacca GTA5 Mods 10

Have a good time with our mod and have fun playing GTA V!




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