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Reliant Robin Mk.1

V1.2 update readme
Yoha & I'm Not MentaL

1. fixed the size of wheelï¼›
2. fixed the color of window in mod shopï¼›

V1.1 update readme

1. fixed the smooth problem of bodyï¼›
2. fixed the wheelï¼›
3. fixed the windowï¼›
4. increase the chance to roll!•®(•¯_•°)•­Let's rock!
5. improved the Wipers。
6. now you can turn on and off the script of wipers, by press F11。


how to install the update version

(1)copy and paste the robin folder into updatex64dlcpacks.
(2)copy €œAnimatedWipers.dll€and€œAnimatedWipers.ini€from scripts folder into gta5scripts,and delete the old scripts:€œReliantRobin.dll€and€œReliantRobin.ini€.

Remember, the old scripts:€œReliantRobin.dll€and€œReliantRobin.ini€ have to be deleted.


Base Model: Assetto Corsa - Stereo & mclarenf1papa
Convert to GTAV: Yoha
Scripting: I'm Not MentaL

(1) Only 3 wheels~
(2) Available windshield wiper (Automatically run when need)
(3) Extra lights (Press H to turn on)

(1) Open OpenIV and enter Edit mode.

(2) Add below line into dlclist.xml:


location: updateupdate.rpfcommondatadlclist.xml

(3) Copy "robin" folder into the updatex64dlcpacks;

(4) Copy "Scripts" folder into the gtav root folder.

Done! and enjoy~~

You'll need install script hook v and script hook
You'll need simply trainer or other tools to spawn the robin.

Just type "ROBIN" and you will get it.

Thank you for download.

Yoha & I'm Not MentaL

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