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Gruppe Sechs is the nation's premier private security company. Operating from Liberty City to Los Santos, we are the only security company trusted by top banks and federal agencies to secure their precious assets. We apply that same dedication to meeting your security needs. Whether you own a house in Rockford Hills or the Bank of Liberty, our professionals develop individual protection plans to put the U in secUre.
Gruppe Sechs, 2013
Tired of constantly dealing with your security company? Bobcat Security believes your protection should serve you, not be a burden. Our team works in the background to keep you safe, and we strive to ensure that no customer ever has to so much as think about their security. Bobcat Security. Never Here.
Bobcat Security, 2008

Since 2003, Merryweather Security has performed high-stakes protection missions in the world's most violent warzones. Thanks to Congress, we can now bring that level of protection to you. Other security companies may promise cheap rates or polite service, but when things get hairy they cut and run. Our crew, led by decorated former SEAL Don Percival, will rise to meet any threat. Merryweather. If you value your safety, you'll hire us.
Merryweather Security, 2013

This is the extended version of Bobcat Security pack, this time with a few tweaks on Bobcat Security vehicles and new vehicle models for Gruppe Sechs and Merryweather Security. Merryweather vehicles will not have any lightbars as they don't have any in the vanilla game, Gruppe Sechs vehicles are set to have a modified lightbar which is modified by Yard1 and the lightbar from Bobcat Security will stay the same as before. The old Merryweather Dilettante is replaced by the Gruppe Sechs version of Dilettante, with a lightbar. The Dilettante is compatible with RDE 3.1. We also added three new peds inside the file, two are added peds and one is an edited existing ped.

bsfugitive = Bobcat Security Fugitive
bsgranger = Bobcat Security Granger
bspony = Bobcat Security Pony
stockade2 = Bobcat Security Stockade
g6buffalo = Gruppe Sechs Buffalo
g6mesa = Gruppe Sechs Mesa
dilettante2 = Gruppe Sechs Dilettante
mwstanier = Merryweather Security Stanier
mwgresley = Merryweather Security Gresley
mwpremier = Merryweather Security Premier

S_M_M_Armoured_03 = Bobcat Security Armored Driver
S_M_M_Security_03 = Bobcat Security Guard
S_M_M_ChemSec_01 = Merryweather Security Guard

Rockstar Games - Original models
Fenton or TheF3nt0n - Model editing
AlexVonShep - Skins, screenshots and .meta improvement
Lozano71 - Mapped Mesa and Dilettante
cp702 - Mod descriptions
Yard1 - SAHP-Style lightbar, edited Merryweather ped and mapped Gresley
NefariousBonne - Amber SirenSetting and Bobcat Security Armored Driver
Lt.Caine - Mapped Stanier, Granger and Fugitive
Aquamenti - Mapped Pony and Premier
RafaelSousaSam - Screenshots
11john11 - Screenshots

1.0 - Initial release
1.1 - Fixed the Dilettante and improved the vehicles.meta
1.2 - Added glass shards for all vehicles, improved several vehicles and the vehicles.meta

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