Review  Toyota GT86 – Gta 5 Mod Car

Toyota GT86 - Gta 5 Mod Car 1


This mod features a wide variety of tuning parts ranging from;
Rocketbunny, Greddy, INGS, Garage Vary, Aimgain, Speedhunters and way more!

V-Stancer will be needed with all widebody parts!

Base model: Turn 10 – Forza Motorsports 7 + Horizon 3
Converted to GTA V by me

Note: You must tune this car via a trainer to see all parts and names!

Part credits:
NFS No Limits
Devoted Media


Features .
– 3d engine
– Extras:
Extra1 – Roll Cage
Extra2 – Badges (rear)
– Detailed Interior
– Color 1: body
– Color 2: Roll cage and misc interior parts.



First navigate to:
and extract dlclist.xml

Open it and paste this line at the end:


(note that you can not edit this file in openiv,
you need to extract it and edit it with texteditor/notepad)

second navigate to mods/update/x64/dlcpacks and create a new folder name it gt86,
open it and drop the dlc.rpf file in to it.

Done now you can spawn the Car with any Trainer your choice.

Vehicle Spawn Name:



Many Many thanks to

– Kizacudo. For helping compile this massive add-on, and helping teach me about tuning parts
– Riko, for suggesting parts, and ripping some items for me
– Nii, for sending me a bunch of parts
– D3nke, for creating some awesome parts.

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Link Download Toyota GT86Gta 5 Mod Car

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Picture : Toyota GT86 – Gta 5 Mod Car


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