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everal of Vapid Stanier 2nd Generations has been decommissioned by the Southern San Andreas law enforcement agencies, it’s your chance to get the most popular police vehicle in the United States, from chasing a homeless guy to brainless uneducated terrorists. You can do anything with this car, you can even pretend to be a police officer and pulling a prank on your beloved friends
Vapid Motor Company, 2013
I have modified Yard1’s Stanier and fixed the dirt mapping that was left with the car by Yard1, I also added some new wheels for the Stanier, there are two versions of this car, 1998 Stanier and Modern Stanier.
The 1998 Stanier has chrome grille from the Taxi and classic hubcaps as depicted on 1990-2002 Crown Vics. The modern one has black grille and modern Crown Vic hubcaps as depicted on 2006-2011 Crown Vics.

This mod is both add-on and replacement, if you’re going with the replacement method, you have to pick ONE of two Staniers inside the file to replace the old classic Stanier with your desired vehicle, but if you pick the add-on method instead, you will have these two vehicles at the same time without replacing the old classic one, it’s your choice, which method would you prefer?

– Modern Stanier – stanier2
– 1998 Stanier – stanier3
– 2000s Stanier – stanier4

– Rockstar Games – Vehicle models
– TheF3nt0n – Model editing
– 11john11 – Modified Washington hubcaps
– Lundy – Modern hubcaps
– NefariousBonne – Modified Lundy’s hubcaps
– RafaelSousaSam – Screenshots

– 1.0 – Initial release.
– 1.1 – Fixed the content.xml and changed the handling for added Staniers
– 2.0 – Fixed LODs on the hood, moved the Stanier badge to the left and added black texture on the trunk lid and two interior extras
– 3.0 – The vehicles are unlocked now, removed the black texture from the modern Stanier, implemented some new hubcaps for both Staniers, added some chromes on the bumper for the 1998 Stanier and changed the trim on the doors for Modern Stanier, they are now resprayable
– 3.1 – Added neon dummies and glass shards
– 4.0 – Fixed the rear badge and added a new version with the references taken from 2000s Crown Vics

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