Download Dynamic Lighting System – DLS [RPH] v1.4.1 – Screenshots and Description:

Dynamic Lighting System - DLS [RPH] v1.4.0

Welcome to Dynamic Lighting System, a full-fledged light control system that allows for in-depth control of vehicle’s lighting system.


RagePluginHook version .78+
(Optional) SirenSetting Limit Adjuster


Multiple custom stages for non-ELS vehicles without taking up the vehicle’s extras;
Fully setup and customizable siren control with configurable sirens;
Numerous additional features like SCAN, Blackout, Steady Burn…;
Easily configurable (and customizeable) Traffic Advisory System;
Easy to setup for new vehicles (without changes to the model itself or the default meta files);
Integrated (and customizeable) UI;
Optional siren controller for non-DLS vehicles;
A lot more…


Read all documentation included with DLS and verify any custom XMLs you made to make sure you haven’t made a mistake while editing/creating configurations.
Take a look at DLS’s forum post and check if your problem was already reported.
If not, post it here or on my Discord Server or as an issue on the GitHub repository.


DLS is and will always be an open-source project and nothing around it will be behind a paywall.
If you’re someone with C# experience or programming experience in general and feel like contributing to DLS the help would be surely appreciated.


DLS is not compatible with ELS vehicles as of release and there are no plans to support them.
All vehicle configuration is set up in an external .xml file and allows for vehicle developers to still share the vehicle as functional non-ELS vehicles with all regular features.
DLS is still in active development and future features are already planned.

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Fixed crash with latest RPH


Implemented Issue #17 (Allow for AI Yield to Vehicle customizeable by Stage)
Implemented Issue #14 (UI placement (siren controllers))
Closed Issue #11 (DLS Crash when changing vehicles in LSPDFR vehicle garage)
Added Pack Configuration Files
Fixed a few exits from main loop.
Simplified conditional logic for entering player control loop
Moved yield to top of while loop to avoid locks
Added Stage-toggleable extras (without vehicle repair) allowing for Dual Colored LEDs.
Fixed Broken Siren Kill
Updated Control Settings
Update .ini settings import (avoid common errors)
Fixed default .ini (caused error message on last version)
Simplify the TA Sirens sectiong from L,EL… to . (Support for old format will be maintained until DLS v2.0, please modify your packs to the newer format to allow for better future compatibility).
Allow for custom click sounds set in DLS.ini.
Allow for forwards/backwards light stage changes.
Allow for custom light stage order.
Kill Aux Siren when light shutting off
Updated template.


PWNParksFan, w.. and Lieutenant Dan for helping immensely in the development process.
cp702 for developing the amazing SirenSetting Limit Adjuster which will enable plenty of different carcols for numerous vehicles in GTA V.
AlexanderLB for designing a siren controller that inspired the one used in DLS.

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