Download Earring Pack 2 for MP Female 1 – Screenshots and Description:

Earring Pack 2 for MP Female 1

This is a pack of earrings containing big hoops, big hoops with small hoops, alot of small hoops and studs! They all come in gold, silver and rosegold.
This is FiveM ready.

?? How to install on FiveM:
• Drag and drop files to “stream” folder

?? How to install on singleplayer:
• Open OpenIV
• Enable “Edit mode”
• Drag and drop files where you want to replace them for example:
F:Grand Theft Auto Vupdatex64dlcpacksmpluxedlc.rpfx64modelscdimagesmpluxe_female_p.rpfmp_f_freemode_01_p_mp_f_luxe_01



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