This is a Fictional Land Rover Discovery Sport. This not based off of anything specific. The Lightbar may be wrong but if you don’t like no one is forcing you to use it so 


Land Rover Sport Model – Model – T.Kay/Northamptonshire Roleplay
Lower/convert – James Radley.
Lightbar – HP Deskjet
Ions in Grille – Krul
Skin ArteX

If you are looking for some custom ELS Police cars for personnel use or for a server either US or UK
Join my Discord here –
and I will discuss from there, also you will be able to see my projects I am working on as well as my releases.




Note: You have permisson to use this in FiveM Servers or for any other things such as videos but DO NOT Rip or re-upload without my strict permission. 

Link Download :

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