Download [ELS] Met Police BMW X1 ARV 1.00 – Screenshots and Description:

[ELS] Met Police BMW X1 ARV 1.00

Metropolitan police BMW X1 ARV. Full and accurate Trunk Equipment and Light Setup as shown by the metropolitan police! I will make more metropolitan police mods, so stay tuned! The skin isn’t the best, and updates will filter out.

To install:
1.) Unzip file
2.) Open OpenIV, and navigate to Mods>Update> X64>DLCPacks>Patchday22ng>dlc.rpf>X64>Levels>GTA5>Vehicles.rpf
3.) Drag and drop fbi2.yft, fbi2.ytd, and fbi2_hi.ytd into openIV.
4.) Go to your root GTA Folder, and place fbi2.xml into ELS>pack_default
5.) Enjoy the vehicle!

Model Purchased: Matty Asquith
Model Lowered: Matty Asquith
Model Fixed: Matty Asquith
Model Converted: Matty Asquith
Model Templated: Matty Asquith
PH Soveriegn: Dan Pease
ARV Trunk Kit: Dan Pease
Beacon: Dan Pease
Skin: Ben A.
Setup: Ben A.

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zip2017 BMW X1 ARV

22 MB