This content provides instructions for installing a mod called “NycksAnims Vol.2.” The mod includes emote poses and gang signs for use in the game GTAV. Users need to drag and drop the YCD files into a specific folder in their game directory. The content also mentions a readme file and a code that needs to be added to a menu mod called menyoo favoritanim.xml. The mod can be downloaded from a file that is 269 KB in size. The credit for the mod goes to getnyck.

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Emote Poses & Gangsigns

Emote Poses & Gangsigns

Just Drag and Drop the YCD files in there
GTAVmodsupdatex64dlcpackspatchday4ngdlc.rpfx64animingame[email protected]

you will also find a readme file in there there will also be some code this one you will have to add to your menyoo favoritanim.xml list
You can use these animations for your own use for expample a server.



Download mod

File File size
NycksAnims Vol.2
69 KB

1. Emote Player Mod:
The Emote Player Mod is similar to the Table Emote Poses & Gangsigns Mod in that it allows players to perform various emote poses and gestures. However, the Emote Player Mod offers a wider range of emotes and poses, including dance moves, action animations, and facial expressions. It also allows players to create their custom emotes and share them with others. Additionally, the Emote Player Mod supports multiplayer, enabling players to interact with each other through emotes.

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2. Animation Mod:
The Animation Mod is another mod that introduces new animations and poses to the game. While it may include some emote-like poses, its primary focus is on enhancing the overall animation system in the game by adding more realistic movements and actions. The Animation Mod may also offer a variety of new animations for creatures and NPCs, as well as the player character.

3. Gesture Wheel Mod:
The Gesture Wheel Mod is a mod that provides players with a convenient way to access various gestures and poses in the game. It adds a customizable wheel menu that allows players to quickly select and perform different gestures, such as waving, pointing, or thumbs up. Unlike the Table Emote Poses & Gangsigns Mod, which introduces emotes through objects like tables, the Gesture Wheel Mod directly integrates the gestures into the game’s user interface.

4. Roleplay Mod:
The Roleplay Mod is designed specifically for players who want to engage in immersive roleplaying experiences within the game. Alongside features like character creation and a dialogue system, the Roleplay Mod often includes a wide array of emotes and poses to facilitate realistic and expressive roleplaying. However, the focus of this mod extends beyond just emotes, providing a more comprehensive set of tools and features for roleplaying.

5. Ragdoll Physics Mod:
While not directly related to emotes and poses, the Ragdoll Physics Mod is worth mentioning as it significantly enhances the physics and animations in the game. This mod alters how characters and objects react to forces and impacts, resulting in more realistic and dynamic movements. While it may not have predefined emotes and poses like the other mods, it allows for more natural and lifelike animations, which can be incorporated into roleplaying scenarios or combined with other mods for enhanced immersion.
Emote Poses & Gangsigns
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