This is a mod that I have been working on and after a lot of hard work I decided to post it here.
What is in the Enhanced Fighting Animations Beta V2.0:
It enhances the fighting anims to use failed takedowns during combat. This means that you can no longer punch an npc repeatedly in the same spots until they die. Now you have to think about your strategy and be careful because the NPCs have learned some new moves…
Also the player can now use taunting anims after getting punched rather than being dazed.
In the video I was using JediJosh920’s Enhanced Melee mod for better fighting in terms of blocking. It just makes it more awesome.

Enhanced Fighting Animations Beta V2.0 - 4

If you enjoyed this beta, we actually have a more updated version located here…
You can pay for the 1 dollar subscription which can unlock the version that includes:
-Takedown anims for small weapons, knife, and large weapons.
-NPCs and Players can use attacks
-Smoother anims

Change Log:
-Added new fighting counter attack
-Added both for player and npcs.


Enhanced Fighting Animations Beta V2.0 - 1

Enhanced Fighting Animations Beta V2.0 - 2

Enhanced Fighting Animations Beta V2.0 - 3

Enhanced Fighting Animations Beta V2.0 - 5

Enhanced Fighting Animations Beta V2.0 - 6

How To Install 

Move everything from here to this location. (will make it as simple as possible)


(this is a path so move from left to right to get to the correct file location and then replace the ones in Open IV with the ones from this.)

Make sure you have open IV and a mods folder.

PS you might want to make a backup just in case. (backup means save the ones from open IV to any location on your computer so if the files are corrupt you can replace them with the original ones.)

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Thank you for downloading and for the support!


Thanks for download and don’t forget share it to your friends!

Link Download :