There’s a ton of content to take advantage of in Grand Theft Auto V – so much, in fact, that most of us will never be able to unlock all of it and enjoy it. That’s where things like Map editor GTA 5 mods come into play. These modifications to the core Grand Theft Auto V game change up the game in fundamental ways that allow players to have a lot of customization options right off the bat.

No need to unlock items, earn money, or otherwise complete in-game tasks – many of these mods give you control over what you have or don’t have. Some even add elements to the game that weren’t there before. The Enhanced Native Trainer, a consistently updated mod that first appeared in 2016, allows players to customize pretty much every aspect of the player character’s appearance as well as in-game items and objects. 

When it comes to options, they truly are endless. You can do small things like set the time or the weather or even something as complex as whether or not there are helicopters in the game and setting all pedestrians to angry so that they attack you. Like we said above, this is a core gameplay modification map editor GTA 5 mod which means you will get to change what is already there rather than the mod adding new functionality. 

There are a few core options that most players use such as skin, vehicle, and weapon options as well as controller support. Outside of that, it allows for customized teleportation locations to be set up throughout the world and even offers a save option that will lock in your various settings for that playthrough, allowing you to maintain multiple save files with different parameters should you choose to do that. 

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As far as updates go, the Enhanced Native Trainer is one of the most frequently updated GTA 5 mods out there. In fact, it has even updated to accommodate the new Diamond Casino gameplay introduced by Rockstar with the latest GTA Online expansion.

This is a huge positive and a benefit to using this mod because it means that bugs and issues are addressed in a timely manner and that the team behind it really cares about the product that they put out. Not to underscore how much work this takes but you have to imagine that this is an all-volunteer venture and that they have to keep up with the team at Rockstar who pumps out endless updates and tweaks to their game. That Enhanced Native Trainer does a comparable job is amazingly impressive. 

This mod is probably best for gamers that enjoy having a lot of customization options in their GTA game. It is pretty limitless in terms of what you can do but you can’t change any core gameplay mechanics in fundamental ways with this mod so, if you’re looking for something that can do that, this isn’t the best mod for you.

That said, the breadth and depth of options are enviable and inimitable – we recommend this mod for GTA V players in general. 



Enhanced Native Trainer: Update 42 bugfix update 5

* Fixed the vehicle despawn global not being applied properly for the latest GTA update.

Contributions wholly thanks to @Slash_Alex:
* Added ‘Change Weather’, ‘Random Weather’ & ‘Mixed Weather’ options under a new ‘Weather Settings’ submenu
* Added a ‘Disable Reverse When Braking’ option. This will allow you to emergency break in a vehicle without it automatically going into reverse if the key is held down. Release the reverse key and press it again to reverse.
* Added a ‘Persistent Props’ option under the ‘Player Appearance’ menu. You will no longer lose your glasses and hats in a fight.

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* Fixed a nasty bug in the ‘No Scuba Gear Mask’ option. It no longer removes any head accessory – just your scuba mask.
* Fixed a tiny bug in the ‘Reduced Grip If Snowing’ option.
* Fixed a bug in the ‘Peds Angry’ feature. Some peds attacked themselves.
* Fixed a tiny bug in the ‘Slippery When Wet’ option + improved it a bit.
* Fixed a bug in the ‘Lightning Intensity’ option.
* Fixed a nasty bug in the ‘Randomize Upgrades’ option. Some of the vehicles crashed the game.
* Fixed a nasty compatibility bug between the ‘Freeze Weather’ and the ‘Lightning Intensity’ options.
* Fixed a nasty bug in the ‘Manual Respawn’ option.
* Fixed some bugs in the ‘NPC Vehicles Reduced Grip’ option + improved it a bit.
* Improved the ‘Different Weapons’ option for the ‘Bodyguards’ feature a lot. You can pick custom weapons or randomize weapons for your bodyguards now.
* Improved the ‘Realistic Crashes’ option. You can’t control your car while in the air anymore.
* Improved the ‘Auto Apply Last Saved Skin’ option. You can select between several options now.
* Improved the ‘NPC No Gravity Vehicles’ option + fixed some bugs.

How to install:

For installation details and keys/controls, and what’s new in each release, please read the document in the ZIP.

This will tell you, for example, that by default, game controls are disabled whilst in the menu, but that you can turn this off in Miscellaneous > Trainer Options. See, useful.

You can redefine the keys using the supplied XML, which should be placed in the game directory.

Notable features include: 

– Skin customizer
– Vehicle customizer
– Weapon customizer
– Organised & extra vehicles
– Organised & extra teleport locations
– Ability to save vehicles & skins
– Many additional general options
– Saves/restores settings across multiple uses
– Controller support

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 Update 42 Download Links:

Update 42 – bugfix update 5 (current) 38,141 downloads , 7.5 MB
Link Download :