Download Enhanced Party Boat 4.5 – Screenshots and Description:

Enhanced Party Boat 4.5

e Dignity Yacht now has people partying 24/7 and in this, weed and chicks
everywhere. I also included Tracey De Santa with bodygaurds in her VIP section. Its easy to get around the Yacht with the added stairs.
Now there’s a second party yacht jus across the first one where even more shit is happening. Like and follow updates for more action

4.5 – Updated the party boat

4.0(xmas update) – Added a xmas update to the party boat

4.0 – Updated everything
– Removed Highway rap version.
(Only Realistic partyboat and second yacrht party remains)


Ensure that you have the latest scripthook v and

Map Editor

Partyboat Heist

How to Install:

You can load the yacht with the Simple Trainer and save in trainer to load yacht automatically
Open simple trainer in-game go to teleports — other teleports— turn on MP map then save trainer to load yacht on start-up automatically
Or just have Open-all-interiors mod installed

There are versions of the Partyboat
Extract which ever version of the party boat you want to desktop or where ever
In your scripts folder create a new folder called “AutoloadMaps” and place Partyboat.xml/Partyboat2.xml file in it.
Map should load automatically on start-up

For Second Partyboat extract Yacht2.xml file to game directory and load in-game with MapEditor

If the Map is giving trouble loading in the AutoloadMaps folder then put the xml file in your game directory and load with the Map Editor in-game by typing “partyboat” or “partyboat2”

The Second Yacht can load the same way together with the first one in-game



Download mod

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