Download Entara CW20 Extended [Add-on | 32 Liveries] 1.2 – Screenshots and Description:

Entara CW20 Extended [Add-on | 32 Liveries] 1.2

Open-wheel racing in the 2010s has become a sport dominated not by the dedicated teams of old, but instead car manufacturers and energy drinks. Instead of blonde hunks hawking cigarettes, it’s now scrawny nerds with laptops keeping the teams going, with drivers livestreaming in banana suits.

Sure, the sport’s changed, but you won’t notice that when you’re blasting at 300 km/h down the tunnel on the Monte Carlo Grand Prix circuit, won’t you? The sport’s different, the thrill isn’t.

Included liveries are:

Albany Racing (Cadillac, fictional) [Cranlet]
Annis-Yours GP (Nismo, fictional) [Cranlet]
Benefactor (Mercedes AMG) [Cranlet]
Bollokan (Hyundai, fictional) [Cranlet]
Bordeaux Racing (Renault Sport) [Cranlet]
Bordeaux Racing 2021 (Alpine Racing) [Testarossa]
Dewbauchee Junk (Red Bull) [Cranlet]
Dewbauchee Racing (Aston Martin) [Cranlet]
Dinka Racing (BAR-Honda, fictional) [Testarossa]
Enus Racing (Bentley, fictional) [Cranlet]
Fixup Racing (Haas) [Cranlet]
Highmen Racing (Brawn, fictional) [Cranlet]
HVY-Benefactor (Racing Point) [Cranlet]
Invetero (Chaparral, fictional) [Cranlet]
Lampadati Works GP (Alfa Romeo) [Cranlet]
Le Chien GP (Scuderia Alpha Tauri) [Cranlet]
Ocelot Bordeaux (Lotus Renault) [Cranlet]
Ocelot Whan-Q (Jaguar Racing) [Cranlet]
Overflod GP (Koenigsegg, fictional) [Cranlet]
Pfister (Porsche, fictional) [Cranlet]
Progen Racing (McLaren) [Cranlet]
Radiant Factory Racing (Caterham) [Cranlet]
Rune GP (Marussia) [Cranlet]
Scuderia Foschia Rossa (Maserati, fictional) [Testarossa]
Scuderia Grotti (Scuderia Ferrari) [Cranlet]
Truffade Racing (Bugatti, fictional) [Cranlet]
Ubermacht Racing (BMW, fictional) [Cranlet]
Unchained Velocity (NEEEUM F1 car featured in the music video for the Chemical Brothers’ song We’ve Got to Try) [Testarossa]
Vapid Aeondrive (Ford, fictional) [Cranlet]
Vulcar VRD (Polestar, fictional) [Cranlet]
Vysser GP (Spyker) [Cranlet]
Wolfs Racing-Celltowa (Rokit Williams 2020, unraced) [Cranlet]
Wolfs Racing-Jakey’s (Williams 2020) [Cranlet]

Installation instructions

Simply extract the “cw2020” folder into mods > update > x64 > dlcpacks and add the line dlcpacks:/cw20/ into mods > update > update.rpf > common > data

To install the Menyoo presets, first install Menyoo, and then extract the xml files into menyooStuff > Vehicle

Mod is incompatible with the original CW20 mod, if you have it installed, please delete it to use this mod.


– Rockstar Games (decals and 2d assets, template)
– Jam (base model)
– Testarossa (liveries, screenshots, Menyoo presets)
– Cranlet (liveries)
– K1LLFANTASY (porting liveries)
– Vanillaworks and P-Style community (general help, decals, inspiration)
– NastyWiNN3R (screenshots)
– Valantè Luize Sushi (screenshots)
– Johnny36200 (handling)

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