This mod allows the headlights on emergency vehicles in a video game to flash. The break lights only flash on specific vehicles. However, there is a visual bug that prevents the headlights on the ambulance from flashing. The mod requires Open IV for installation and replaces the “carcols.ymt” file. The mod was created by DonKrushko and can be downloaded. The file size is 148 KB.

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Environment – Flashing Headlights 2.0

Environment - Flashing Headlights 2.0

This mod makes the headlights flash on emergency vehicles. Break lights flash only on the Fire Truck, Ambulance, Lifeguard, Police Interceptor, Police Transporter, Police Roadcruiser and Police Rancher. Headlights on the Ambulance don’t flash due to a visual bug that occurs when they flash. Headlights on the Police Interceptor don’t flash because it already has “flashing headlights”.

–Open IV

-Replace the “carcols.ymt” in “mods/update/update.rpf/x64/data”.



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148 KB

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1. Improved Lighting Mod: The Improved Lighting Mod focuses on enhancing the overall lighting effects in the game, including headlights. However, it does not specifically address the flashing headlights feature like the Flashing Headlights 2.0 Mod does.

2. Realistic Car Lights Mod: The Realistic Car Lights Mod aims to make the car lights more realistic and immersive. It includes changes to both the headlights and taillights, but it does not provide the flashing headlights functionality that Flashing Headlights 2.0 Mod offers.

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3. Traffic AI Mods: There are various mods available that improve the AI behavior of traffic in the game, which can affect how headlights are used by AI-controlled cars. While these mods may indirectly impact headlight behavior, they do not specifically focus on the flashing headlights feature.

4. Vehicle Customization Mods: Some mods provide extensive vehicle customization options, allowing players to modify their cars’ appearance, including headlights. However, these mods typically do not offer the flashing headlights feature independently; it might be included as part of the customization options.

5. Weather and Environmental Mods: There are mods that enhance the game’s weather and environmental effects, such as adding rain or fog. These mods may affect the visibility of headlights and how they appear in different weather conditions, but they do not provide the flashing headlights feature specifically.

In summary, while there are several mods available that improve aspects of the game’s lighting, vehicle customization, traffic AI, and weather conditions, the Flashing Headlights 2.0 Mod stands out as a dedicated mod focused on adding the flashing headlights functionality, allowing players to control and customize this feature in the game.
Environment – Flashing Headlights 2.0
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