Download EUP British Medic Uniforms (Re-Texture) 3.1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

EUP British Paramedic Uniform 1.0

This is a UK Generic Paramedic Male and Female Uniform for EUP.

This is my first EUP re-texture so it is not perfect.

It includes shirts with Technician, Paramedic and Advanced Paramedic epaulettes, Ambulance and Paramedic back patches (see notes below) combat trousers and a baseball cap.


EUP and SUP are required for this re-texture to work correctly.

Using OpenIV navigate to Mods-update-x64-dlcpacks and follow the file structure in the download.

Ensure the correct files are placed in the eup dlc and the sup dlc.

Add the config lines from config.txt into your own wardrobe.ini and AMB Male and AMB Female should show in your wardrobe in game.

Gloves and Stethoscope will work with these uniforms, if you would like a custom name on one of the shirts please let me know.

The decals are designed to work with jackets not shirts so there is a small gap noticable at some angles, if this bothers you, you can not use the decals and the shirts will still look fine without it.

Any Issues please contact me via my discord server –


EUP – Alex Ashfold
Original Shirt and Pants Model – WilsonTheIrish
Retextures – BenH
Screenshots / Advice – Tramter

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