Download EUP Doctor Jacket with Name Badge (Templated) 2.1 – Screenshots and Description:

EUP Doctor Jacket with Name Badge (Templated) 2.1

This is a combination of two different clothes components.
The jacket is from the smmdoctor01 ped model, and the name badge is from the christmas2017 update.
After converting the jacket to EUP, i felt the name badge was lacking.
Too upgrade this, I removed the old badge, and put the new one on the jacket to create this!

> Version 1.0 – Initial Release
> Version 2.0 – Fixed weight mapping issue on the bottom part of the jacket. Big thanks to @Max_ for giving me the idea to copy the weight from a trenchcoat.
> Version 2.1 – Fixet FiveM resource

Features and Bugs
> EUP supported
> PSD Template included
> Customizable name badge
> FiveM ready
> Can be renamed to fit desired component

> Download from the green download button
> Unzip or extract files from the archive.
> Rename files to desired names, and place in EUP Singleplayer GTAV folder.
> For FiveM, drag and drop the ‘DOCTOR_JACKET’ folder into your resources folder, and start the resource in your config.

> Preferably you should use the jacket as a ‘jbib’ component, for it to work optimally. Although you can without issues change it to whatever component that works for your setup.
> The .ydd model is locked.
> Using custom EUP models on your FiveM server requires an active subscription to their Element Club Argentum, on their Patreon.


> Convert from PED model to EUP = Frostyy
> Texture work = Frostyy & Rockstar Games
> Jacket and badge made by = Rockstar Games
> ZModeler3
> OpenIV
> Autodesk 3ds Max
> Adobe Photoshop