Download Everlast Boxing Gloves – EUP 1.1 – Screenshots and Description:

Everlast Boxing Gloves - EUP 1.1

Here are some boxing gloves I made for EUP a while back, figured I’d release them, for more people to enjoy. ??

Features and Bugs:
> Detailed Model
> 512×512 Texture
> FiveM supported
> EUP supported
> Renamable to fit your desired use
> Hands clip through the gloves sometimes (Change arms to fix)

> Download from the green download button
> Unzip or extract files from the archive.
> Rename files to desired names, and place in EUP Singleplayer GTAV folder.
> For FiveM, drag and drop the ‘EUP_BOXINGGLOVE’ folder into your resources folder, and start the resource in your config.

> I used the gloves as a decal (decl) which worked for me, you can change it to whatever works for you, without the rigging and weight causing problems.
> The .ydd model is unlocked, feel free to use it in your projects, just remember to credit this post, or my Discord. (Frostyy#0420)
> Feel free to change the glove texture in the .ytd file, if you want something different.
> Using custom EUP models on your FiveM server requires an active subscription to their Element Club Argentum, on their Patreon.


> Glove model and texture = CadNav
> Convert to GTA V / EUP = Frostyy
> ZModeler3
> OpenIV
> Adobe Photoshop
> Screenshots = broenduM#6615
Originally made for DanishRP

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