The content discusses a mod for the game “Grand Theft Auto V” that gives all non-player characters (peds) a gun. The default gun is a tactical rifle, but players have the option to change it to any gun they prefer. The mod requires the installation of a .meta file in the specified folder. This mod does not have any reported bugs. The credit for creating this mod goes to arthurgamermods. The file size of the mod is 1.12 KB.

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Everyone is armed 1.1

Everyone is armed 1.1

This mod give all peds a gun
default gun is tactical rifle but you can change to any gun you want

this is not a script mod

Installation instructions:
put the .meta file in
Grand Theft Auto V/mods/update/update.rpf/common/data/ai

gameconfig (optional, only if your game crash)




Download mod

File File size
Everyone is armed 1.1
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1. Everyone is Armed (Mod 1.1): This mod, as the name suggests, arms every individual in the game, making them equipped with weapons. This enhances the combat experience, making the game more intense and challenging.

2. Armed Citizens: This mod is similar to Everyone is Armed, as it also arms non-player characters (NPCs) in the game. However, Armed Citizens adds a layer of realism by arming them according to their occupation or social status. For example, police officers may have handguns, while gang members may carry more powerful weapons.

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3. Weapon Variety Overhaul: This mod focuses primarily on diversifying the types of weapons available in the game. It introduces a wide range of new guns, melee weapons, explosives, and other firearms. The mod aims to enhance player choice and strategy when it comes to combat.

4. Realistic Weapon Damage: Unlike the mods above, Realistic Weapon Damage does not focus on arming NPCs or introducing new weapons. Instead, it modifies the damage mechanics of existing weapons in the game. The mod aims to make damage more realistic, resulting in more lethal combat encounters. This can drastically change the gameplay experience, requiring players to adapt their playstyle accordingly.

5. Massive Battles: This mod focuses on promoting large-scale battles by increasing the number of NPCs present in each encounter. It creates more chaotic and immersive combat scenarios, with dozens or even hundreds of NPCs fighting simultaneously. While not directly related to arming NPCs, this mod can still provide intense combat experiences in a different way.

Overall, while these mods may have similarities, such as enhancing combat and NPC interactions, they have different focuses and approaches. Everyone is Armed and Armed Citizens arm NPCs, while Weapon Variety Overhaul introduces new weapons, Realistic Weapon Damage modifies damage mechanics, and Massive Battles focuses on increasing the number of NPCs in combat. The choice of which mod to use ultimately depends on the player’s desired gameplay experience and preferences.
Everyone is armed 1.1
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