The content is about a mod called Everything Renamed V3.0 for the game Grand Theft Auto. The mod changes the brands and locations in the game to their real-life counterparts, making the game more realistic. The mod requires installation and may need to be updated whenever the game version changes. The mod was created by shifuguru and is available for download. The content also mentions that the mod is tagged as HUD.

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Everything Renamed V3.0

Everything Renamed V3.0

Changes brands and locations to their Real Life counterparts.
This is an extensive mod for anyone wanting that extra inch of realism in Grand Theft Auto.
For installation check the readme!

This mod alters Global.gxt file inside update2.rpf, meaning the file will need to be updated each time the game version changes.



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Tagged HUD

1. Table Anywhere Mod: This mod allows players to place and use the table anywhere in the game. While it offers more flexibility in terms of table placement, it does not offer the renaming feature like Everything Renamed V3.0.

2. Furniture Overhaul Mod: This mod overhauls various furniture items in the game, providing more visual variations and customization options. However, it does not have the renaming functionality of Everything Renamed V3.0.

3. Item Sorting Mod: This type of mod aims to improve inventory management by implementing better sorting options. While it helps with organization, it does not include the ability to rename items and objects in the game.

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4. Inventory Expansion Mod: This mod expands the player’s inventory, allowing them to carry more items. Although it enhances the gameplay experience in terms of storage capacity, it does not provide the renaming feature.

5. Decoration Overhaul Mod: This mod focuses on revamping the decoration items available in the game, adding new options for customization and aesthetic improvements. However, it does not include the renaming functionality present in Everything Renamed V3.0.
Everything Renamed V3.0
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