It is hard to believe that the next generation of consoles is almost upon us and, with that, comes talk of the games that will run on these systems. Needless to say, after the release of Cyberpunk 2077 in April 2020, the next most-anticipated release on the gaming calendar will have to be the sequel to Grand Theft Auto V, a game we expect will be called Grand Theft Auto VI.

But what will such a game entail?

After all, it is no small feat to follow up the world’s most successful media property ever released. Between the core game and its online mode, GTA V is the game that won’t die but still people are looking ahead to the iteration of this masterpiece series. Because, trust us, there will be another game.

And, as far as the GTA 6 release date, 2020 could be the year we get some more information on the game. That said, here’s what we know so far: 

Games Radar reports on a pretty interesting outline from Reddit user JackOLantern1982 who describes a game set in the 1970s and 1980s with a theme ripped straight from the Netflix series Narcos and which will involve building a multinational criminal cocaine empire. 

Apparently there will be changing architecture and cars and time progresses with chapter delineation like a Tarantino flick. The main game will focus on a man building his empire from scratch while dealing with all of the problems that come with that. Two major cities are mentioned in the rumor with one based upon Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro and the other based upon Vice City.

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The game will share some mechanics with Red Dead Redemption 2, such as using your car’s trunk as a repository for weapons, but overall will retain GTA’s trademark “out there” sensibilities. 

There will be an even grander story than ever before as well as multiple eras to play through. Some mention was made of one-off missions in places like Vice City but the idea that the game will span multiple cities – a la the I-95 corridor rumor – does not seem to factor into JackOLantern1982’s rumors.

Codenamed Project Americas, the rumors delivered by JackOLantern1982 mirror those Fireden in regards to building a criminal empire but that’s about it. 

Fireden’s rumors place the game in Liberty City and state that the game is inspired by The Wire, not Narcos, though the core cast in the Fireden rumor resembles the core cast composition in JackOLantern1982’s rumor which makes us think that maybe Fireden might have seen one of the one-off missions in Liberty City and mistaken it for the entire game. 

Both rumors agree that the game will be absolutely massive in terms of dialogue and story as well as a game that will not appear on current-gen systems but instead exclusively on the next PlayStation and Xbox. There are even rumors that it could be a timed PS5 exclusive title. Release dates for the game are pegged at 2021 with work having started on the game back in 2012. 


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