This post discusses a mod created by the user called Extended Traffic Props 1.1. The user made these props for their own entertainment and decided to upload them as extra street-related models for ymaps mods. There are currently three props available, but more will be added in the future. However, there is no addon available yet, as the user is still working on it. There is a visual bug with Model4, but the user cannot fix it without making it look worse. The post also mentions future projects, such as streetlights with “No parking” signs and extended street signs. The user asks for some time, as they are new to Zmodeler3. The credits for this mod go to BrandonYeets.

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Extended Traffic Props 1.1

Extended Traffic Props 1.1

Hello, i made these props for my own entertainment but decided i should upload them as extra street related models for ymaps mods. Only 3 for now but there’ll be more later on. Sadly no addon, I’m still working on that.

Bugs: Model4 has a visual “bug” that i cant do nothing about without it looking like more poop.

Installation summary included in “Where to install”.txt file.

Later projects: Streetlights with “No parking” sign and extended street signs. Please give me some time, im stilll new to Zmodeler3.

1.0: 3 new traffic props added
1.1: 1 new traffic prop added( Left Turn Yield On Green Signal)[model4]

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1. Traffic Manager: President Edition: This mod is similar to Table Extended Traffic Props 1.1 Mod as it allows players to have greater control over traffic in their cities. However, Traffic Manager: President Edition offers more features, such as the ability to set speed limits, control traffic lights, and manage lanes. It also provides advanced AI options and various traffic management tools.

2. Improved Public Transport 2: This mod focuses specifically on improving public transportation in the game. It includes features like dynamic public transport lanes, customizable routes, and improved passenger AI. While it does not directly affect traffic props like Table Extended Traffic Props 1.1 Mod, it can complement it by providing a more efficient public transportation network, which can help alleviate traffic congestion.

3. TM:PE – Traffic Manager for Cities: Skylines: Similar to Traffic Manager: President Edition, this mod offers extensive control over city traffic. It includes features like traffic flow customization, lane management, and priority signs. It also has additional options for managing parking, public transport, and emergency vehicles. TM:PE is widely regarded as a must-have mod for managing traffic in Cities: Skylines.

4. Network Extensions 2: While not specifically a traffic mod, Network Extensions 2 provides players with an expanded selection of road types, including wider roads, asymmetrical roads, and highways with decorative props. This mod allows players to create more varied and efficient road networks, which can improve traffic flow and alleviate congestion, especially when used in conjunction with other traffic mods like Table Extended Traffic Props 1.1 Mod.

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5. Real Time: This mod adds a real-time feature to the game, allowing players to experience a more dynamic and realistic city simulation. While it does not directly affect traffic, it can indirectly impact traffic patterns and congestion by simulating rush hours, hourly fluctuations in traffic volume, and other time-dependent factors. By incorporating this mod alongside Table Extended Traffic Props 1.1 Mod, players can experience a more immersive and lifelike traffic simulation.
Extended Traffic Props 1.1
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