As the extreme blood mod is self-explanatory by the name, we will see a lot of blood when we are indulged in shooting or witnessing any crime that involves hurting the people within the game.

Although the mod is little too much as people want to enjoy the game rather than watching blood flowing on the road the developers never let go of any requests and some groups have demanded the bloodshed to be more real and authentic just like in regular lives.

So, the developers came up with Extreme blood mod that can allow the gamers to have maximum experience of realistic bloodshed and authentic scenes of any crime. 

The only specialty of the mod is that it highlights the blood spatters whenever you kill a ped or shoot any gang member or cop. For example, In regular game, whenever you kill a person in the game there is minimum blood spatter on the ground or on the wall.

However, when you have enabled the extreme blood mod, the ratio of the gets increased significantly. You can witness a whole lot of blood on the road or wall when you kill a person. And if you continue shooting at the corpse, you can see that blood is still coming out of the body.

Although the graphics are pretty intense and streets or roads get filled with blood instantly if you have opened fire in a crowded place. So, that pretty much for which the extreme blood mod is made for. The mod is highly not recommended for the kids but for the mature gamers who only want to pass the time by trying out different mods and that are it.

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How to install:

  • To install this mod, you need to download the mod file from GTA inside or GTA5 mods. Both websites are trusted.
  • After downloading the mod you need to get OpenIV software to install extreme blood mod. 
  • Once the downloading and installation is done, you need to open the directory of GTA V in OpenIV and look for the update.rpf folder. Make sure to backup your file just in case if the mod is not installed correctly. This will help in saving the progress of the game. In the update.rpf folder, go to the common and then data folder. In that folder, you need to paste the mod file that you have downloaded and saved the process. 
  • Replace decals.dat
  • This mod contains the gore scenes and shootings with excessive blood, so the mod is not recommended for the kids as the mod falls in the gore category and only a few gamers and mostly streamers use this mod. They want to create new content and what’s the better way than painting the streets of Los Santos red just for fun. 
  • Enjoy

Download Links:

 (current): https://files.9gtamods.com/download/e0f3656