Download F-104C Starfighter [Add-On] 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

F-104C Starfighter [Add-On] 1.0

A new classic fighter jet for GTA V. This is the F-104C Starfighter, dubbed in Germany as the widowmaker because of the high amount of losses within the Luftwaffe.

Still, I wanted to bring this iconic aircraft into the game as it just look very nice and sleek.

This mod comes with all basic GTA V functions (landing gear, lights, working instruments, flaps, etc….).
Additionally, it has custom weapon settings and a custom vehicle layout file for proper right hand-side entry. It comes with 4 different liveries and you can have a nice chrome body if you select the blank grey skin and then change the color with a trainer to chrome.

Before you use this, make sure to use the CWeaponInfoBlob Limit Adjuster by alexguirre to prevent the game from crashing during loading.



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