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Fail Cam 1.0

This mod adds a cinematic wasted/busted camera, with options for controlling the fail screen (timescale / duration) and first person. These can be enabled or disabled separately and there are 15 configurable settings to suit your preferences.

The fail screen can be skipped at any time using Enter/Space or X/A on a controller.
This script may conflict with mods that affect the game’s fail screen or timescale
If you need support or have any suggestions for future mods, you can contact me on my Discord Server.

Script Hook V
Community Script Hook V .NET

Configurable Options

EnableWasted (Enables functionality when dead)
EnableBusted (Enables functionality when busted)
EnableTime (Overrides vanilla fail screen timing)
Duration (Duration of fail screen – Can to set to -1 for infinite)
TimeScale (Time Scale during fail screen)
FadeOutDuration (Duration of fade out when fail screen ends)
EnableCamera (Enables cinematic camera)
EnableFirstPersonCamera (Enables first person camera when player is in first person perspective)
EnableFirstPersonCameraForce (Enables first person camera regardless of perspective)
CameraFOV (Cinematic camera field of view)
FirstPersonCameraFOV (First person camera field of view)
CameraChange (Enables periodic cinematic camera angle changes)
CameraChangeMin (Minimum time between camera angle changes)
CameraChangeMax (Maximum time between camera angle changes)
CameraChangeStop (Period of time at the end of the fail screen that disables further camera angle changes)


Copy FailCam.dll and FailCam.ini to the scripts folder
Open FailCam.ini in a text editor to configure preferences


This mod does not currently trigger with specific mission fails (someone getting spooked or a friendly dying) as tracking this has been unreliable.
Although there is some detection with rays when the camera is moved, it may still clip through walls, peds and objects, some further improvements to this may be made later on.
This mod has been developed with ScriptHookVDotNet 3.0. If there are issues running the mod, using that version may help.

More:  LSPD First Response 0.4.8 (Build 7575)



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