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No more word to talk about the Ferrari FXX-K 2015. The excellent car is right here for you! This mod is created for anyone want to own the Ferrari FXX-K Hybrid Hypercar V1.3. Along with a sturdy and solid frame that helps it withstand more impact, it also has an extremely good handling kit that makes it easier to control. With high-quality images, the car becomes more beautiful and smoother in the game. Accompanied by fine tweaks like the steering wheel and the position of the seat, the dashboard and the lights all work well to help the player experience the best when driving. The mod allows the player to comfortably tweak the car to help it become stronger and more beautiful. With a simple method, players can easily use the mod.

Ferrari FXX-K Hybrid Hypercar V1.3 - 1


  • All regular car functions
  • HQ Interior
  • HQ Exterior
  • 3D Engine
  • Automatic Spoiler
  • Digital Dials

Supports SimpleFuel Mod:
Simple Fuel by LeFix
Working fuel indicator in Car

Tuning Parts

  • 3 Liveries
  • Livery Template

Primary Color: Body
Secondary Color: Suspension/Chassiframe/Caliper

Changelog V1.3:
Added Brembo Caliper(Colorable)

  • Added Pirelli Tyre
  • Added FXXK Rim
  • Added New Brake Disc

Changelog V1.2:

  • Added OIV Package
  • Removed Old Files

Changelog V1.1:

  • Fixed Bugs


Ferrari FXX-K Hybrid Hypercar V1.3 - 2

Ferrari FXX-K Hybrid Hypercar V1.3 - 3

Ferrari FXX-K Hybrid Hypercar V1.3 - 4

Ferrari FXX-K Hybrid Hypercar V1.3 - 5

Ferrari FXX-K Hybrid Hypercar V1.3 - 6

Ferrari FXX-K Hybrid Hypercar V1.3 - 7

Ferrari FXX-K Hybrid Hypercar V1.3 - 8

How To Install 

[Mod Installation]

1. Requirements
– Last version of Scripthook
– Any Vehicle Spawner your choice

2. Optional
– Custom Gameconfig file

3. Installation (using OIV)

– OpenIV > Tools > Package Installer > select the file “Rmod_Customs_Ferrari_FXX-K.oiv” > Install > mods folder.
– Done!!

4. Manual Installation

– Extract the dlc.rpf from OIV with Zip File Manager (7-Zip)
– navigate to mods/update/x64/dlcpacks and create a new folder, name it fxxk open it and drag&drop the dlc.rpf file in to it.
– navigate to dlclist.xml. mods > update > update.rpf > common > data
– Open it and paste this line at the end: <Item>dlcpacks:fxxk</Item>
– Save! Done!
– Now you can spawn the Car with any Trainer your choice. Vehicle Spawn Name: “fxxk”

[Mod Features]

1. Colors
– Primary Color: Body
– Secondary Color: Interior
– Wheel Color: Rim

2. All other Tuning Parts in Los Santos Customs or Bennys Garage


Thanks for download and don’t forget share it to your friends!

Link Download : https://dl1.9gtamods.com/index.php?act=dl&id=1574153087