Before installing this mod, please ensure you have downloaded and installed a custom gameconfig, such as this one.
Also ensure you have OpenIV installed: OpenIV
Inside your download will be a readme.txt file, to explain exactly how to install this mod, as well as a credits.txt file.
This mod aims to introduce a new federal law-enforcement agency to GTAV: The Federal Investigation Bureau Police. Taking inspiration from Realism Dispatch Enhanced’s Federal Law Addon, and from the real life FBI Police, I’ve put together a pack of FIBP vehicles which I hope you’ll all love.
The pack is Lore-Friendly and has a range of contributors. Whilst I’ve single-handedly done all the assembly, liveries and more for this modification pack, there is a vast range of other pieces here and there which have come from others which ultimately makes this the great pack I hope it’ll be. Be it custom lightbars, sirensetting code, mapped vehicles, vehicle equipment or the kind work of others who’ve given me advice and inspiration along the way. This pack isn’t just a pack by myself, it’s a collaboration pack, and for that I’m truly thankful to all those who’ve been involved in one way or another.

FIB Police (FIBP) Vehicle Pack V2.0 - 1

FIBP – Vapid Stanier
FIBP2 – Vapid Stanier (slicktop)
FIBP3 – Bravado Buffalo S/C
FIBP4 – Vapid Scout Utility
FIBP5 – Declasse Granger
FIBP6 – Vapid Interceptor
FIBP7 – Declasse Alamo Retro
FIBP8 – Bravado Rumpo
FIBP9 – Declasse Merit
FIBP10 – Caddy
FIBP11 – Vapid Sandking XL
FIBP12 – Declasse Alamo
FIBPU – Unmarked Vapid Stanier
FIBPU2 – Unmarked Bravado Buffalo
FIBPU3 – Unmarked Vapid Torrence Interceptor
FIBPB – Western Sovereign Motorbike

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This mod includes custom sirensettings for all of the vehicles in this pack, Whelen Liberty styled lightbar by Voit Turyv, Whelen Edge styled lightbar by myself, mirror lights by myself as well as trunk mounted warning lights, custom hubcaps by 11john11 and glennoconnel and much more to try and provide a detailed and diverse mod for you all! (full credits included in mod download)

A huge thanks goes out to the people who’ve helped contribute to this mod pack! (Sorted alphabetically)
Lt. Caine
Voit Turyv
Vx5 Voltage

As stated above, this mod is the product of several months of hard work, not just by myself, but by various modmakers from the community. Copying or redistributing this mod, in whole or in part, without the my permission (or approval by it’s respective author) is strictly prohibited.
This mod is exclusive for download at and only. Downloads from other sites will be regarded as stolen.


FIB Police (FIBP) Vehicle Pack V2.0 - 2

FIB Police (FIBP) Vehicle Pack V2.0 - 3

FIB Police (FIBP) Vehicle Pack V2.0 - 4

FIB Police (FIBP) Vehicle Pack V2.0 - 5

How To Install 

(Once you’ve successfully installed Albo1225’s Modding DLC Pack)
1. Open OPENIV, and navigate to the following folder:

2. Drag and drop the “JMfibpolice” folder in this download into that directory
If for whatever reason you can’t drag and drop, just create a new folder there called “JMfibpolice”, then import the dlc.rpf supplied in this mod into that newly created folder.

3. Navigate to the following folder:
Right click the “DLCLIST.XML” file, and click “EDIT”

4. Input the following line after the list of dlcpacks:

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5. Save the dlclist.xml file
That’s it!


Thanks for download and don’t forget share it to your friends!

Link Download :