Download Fire Head Mod 1.1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Fire Head Mod 1.1.0

I have made this mod for just fun.

Many people think that I am copying JulioNIB’s Ghost Rider mod. But, I got an idea of such mod many days ago.

It is a mod which makes the player a kind of human torch or a Heat Blast(from BEN 10). I can’t call it fire-man mod(it sounds like a fire-fighter). I haven’t yet added any anims so it isn’t perfect.

Burning peds and exploding vehicles by shooting.
Fire Proof Vehicles.

Change-log : –
(o.5) Beta release
(0.7) Burning bullets
(1.0) New Targeting System
(1.0.1) Exploding vehicles
(1.1.0) Fire-fighters and fire clones(allies)

Up-coming features : –

.ini for controls (probably v 1.5.5)
Animations (probably v 1.2.0)



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