Download Fixed and Enterable Bahama Mamas [OIV] 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Fixed and Enterable Bahama Mamas [OIV] 1.0

This mod removes the fake door from the exterior of Bahama Mamas and adds actual doors to it, allowing you to enter and exit from Bahama Mamas at anytime.

Archive has 2 packages in it, one is for install other for uninstall
First install OpenIV if you haven’t done so already
then initiate .OIV Installer package and after completion launch the game

Added collision to armchairs and stools of the club.
Removed some collision from bars giving you the possibility to climb over the bar.

i’m giving permission to use this mod if you’d like to use this to turn Bahama Mamas into a real club, you know navmesh and stuff because i’ve got no idea how to make navmesh yet
with that being said this mod does not add navmesh, scenarios or music into it, just fixes the interior and exterior a bit
and yes i am aware of mod Open Bahama Mamas doors but as it only removes collision and does nothing else, i decided to make this mod.
i recommend using this mod for the music Bahama Mamas Music it adds music into the club same way as Rockstar would.



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