Download Flight to Cayo Perico 0.5 – Screenshots and Description:

Flight to Cayo Perico 0.5

Flight to Cayo Perico V0.5:

This mod load cayo perico and allow player to teleport in via Los santos intenational airport.


-Legit game with last update.
–scripthook (last version)


-Place “Cayoperico.asi” into gta5 root folder.
-thats all

How to use:

Go to main airport(check Cayo perico flight icon) and press right dpad or E key, when character is on marker.

know issues:

-new dlc cars dissapear.(try to install an updated trainer)
-some interiors are missing.

V0.5 news:

-more trees/vegetation
-added some cars spawn points
-added weapon pickup at some guard towers



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