Download Fly Mod 0.3 – Screenshots and Description:

Fly Mod 0.3


3 different flying animations (synchronized with speed)
Realistic flying sound (in-game)
Land almost anywhere (on running cars, buildings, …)
Collision with buildings and props enabled
Hit and damage peds
Shockwave effect on fast landing
Jump from any vehicle and start flying
Hit helicopters while flying
Cars take damage if you land too fast on them
Peds react if you are too close
No power-bar, unlimited flying time
First person view compatible
Visual effects (screen, particles) and in-game sounds (not external)
Custom settings (see .ini)

Before you start flying, make sure you have no weapons in your hands!
To toggle the flying mod on, press the Sprint key and jump at the same time.
Increase your flying speed with the Move Forward key (W in general) and decrease with the Move Backwards (S) key

Simply unzip the content to your scripts folder. Make sure both files (FlyMod.dll and FlyMod.ini) are in the HeroMod folder.

* You will need the Net ScriptHook in order to run the script.

Customize your settings:
Wanna disable some features? Open your FlyMod.ini with NotePad and adjust your settings.

Known issues:

Mod conflict with IronmanMod (thanks to xAgent47)

More information:
The ReadMe file contains detailed instructions and information.

Change log – updates:
v0.1 – 24.04.2016
v0.2 – 26.04.2016
v0.3 – 05.05.2016



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