Download Flying Dragons [Add-On] 1.1 – Screenshots and Description:

Flying Dragons [Add-On] 1.1

These addons are made for the animated wing script.
With the script you can fly.

V1.1 New: Red eyes for fire dragon

Emissive colors. (Glow at night)
Pack of 2 dragons(Ice and fire) + wings.


Ice Dragon addon ped [Streamed]
Fire Dragon addon ped [Streamed]
DragonWings addon ped [Streamed] + DragonWings.ini

(To use the wings and fly u need to download the animated wing script.)


Install the dragons and wings with addonpeds as streamed ped.
Place DragonWings.ini in the main directory of GTA.
Add DragonWings to Modelname(self)in wings.ini(animated wings script)


Addon Peds
Animated wings script


Model: Mstfa
Textures: SilkTeam

Download mod

File File size

rarFlying Dragons [Addon]

13 MB