Download FN FAL Pack – Screenshots and Description:


5 of the 6 replace the specialcarbine, so you can gotta choose 2, use one for the normal specialcarbine and one for the luxe version, im not satisfied yet, I had a discussion with two homies, one thought the guns were too big, and one said they’re aight, so let me know what yall think, this pack can be updated, the 6th fal replaces the marksmanrifle cus its the sniper version.
Added 3 videos for yall to see the guns, only the 5th one I forgot to film.

The FN FAL is a very long gun, and the anims of the specialcarbine are the closest ones to the FAL’s ones. However the Specialcarbine is taller and shorter, so 1st person the sights may be off a bit, and the muzzleflash happens in the barrel. When this is fixable I will fix it.


Installation: Go to Grand Theft Auto V/(Mods)/update/x64/dlcpacks/patchday8ng/weapons.rpf and replace all the files there.



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